How often does life beat us so hard that we think that the world around us is falling. If and when you find someone who spent their younger years growing up in rural Africa in the 1980’s and before, one thing they will tell you is that their courage and limitations of what they would become rested on the best they saw within their community and villages. Many dreamt of being teachers and nurses and having a small permanent house, a small kitchen garden with a few healthy crops to feed themselves and their families and an animal or two to provide milk. Life was beautifully simple. True love was real, kindness was genuine and the family unit was grounded in similar values. What changed? The television came, and the outside visual world began changing life’s simple pleasures to something we didn’t realize we had no control over. The outside world made it okay for us to start yearning for more and desiring to be something we had not fully understood, and soon the values that had kept us grounded were replaced by greed, jealousy, harshly judging others, competition even amongst people who valued each other and a sense of urgency to be “the first” to get or do something. Our own strength and self control have continued to be stripped away by what we consider “conveniences”, and in checks our phones, social media and influencers who want to make us believe a certain kind of life and way. What happened? What changed? You hear of 10 year olds committing suicide, marriage and relationships have become “short term contracts”, parents have suddenly become “old fashioned”. How our family and friends treat us has becomes published in the “the whatsapp status” instead of facing someone in love and sharing your feelings, good or bad. What next? We may ask. We can change this generation, one person at a time. The first person has to be yourself, myself. The questions we must ask every day are; Do I value things or people? Should I die or fall ill in a crowd, will the things or the people help? We are lonely in crowds, trust has been replaced by fear. We spend hours everyday with the same people in our schools, businesses, offices and churches, but we can’t even trust that person that spends their entire awake life besides us, instead, in our minds, we are judging their every move, their dressing, their language, the bags and shoes they adorn, what they eat for lunch, who they call friends. We have lost ourselves as we monitor what others are saying on instagram, Facebook and all other social media feeds. We have dropped our values as we jealously monitor others to ensure we are ahead of them, we have lost good friends and acquittances through wrongful judgements and pride that does not let us forgive. We see ourselves more highly than others, we are more senior in our role in our offices and businesses to mingle with the lower members of staff, we are better Christians than them, they are real sinners while we sit in holy tables… oh my! Be careful you don’t miss the bus to heaven as you see them get in as the door closes. Whatever course this journey called life has taken you, one thing for sure, stay humble, you are probably the only person that God will use to change the course of your family, your office, your business, your team, your friends, this generation and most important, the generation after you. Stay humble! Life is not a competition, it’s a gift from God… and everyone has the same 24 hours you also have. Like and share this blogpost and let me know what topic you would like me to talk about in the comments section below …. Blessings


Your salary is a seed

This remains true, despite having written this in 2016

IMG_1299Your salary is a seed. A seed is to be planted if a yield has to come out of it. You cannot eat a seed and expect food tomorrow. Using maize as an example, one single seed of maize can produce one stalk that will have 2-4 cobs/ears. You had the option to eat that seed that was too small to satisfy you or you can plant it and produce enough to feed you for a few days.

Your salary, no matter how small or large, must be treated as a seed.

An employers’ goal is not to make you a millionaire, all they do is give you a service charge in form of money to ensure that when you leave work, you have a roof over your head and you do not fall down while working for them because they need their job done the next day.

If you eat…

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An opportunity to start over..

Many are the times we are caught at crossroads of what direction to take. One road looks way too familiar while the other is scary to take even the very first step, yet far off, you can clearly see a glimpse of light also called hope.

Every new path in life requires a careful decision. I don’t know your story or the life that you have led that has finally led you here, keen to see what I meant by “An opportunity to start over” but let us explore this together. As a lady about to turn 40 in a few months, I have been through the ups and the downs, the highs and the lows, and one thing for sure, every pathway and highway required a decision, and without keen eyes and looking out for wisdom from those who had gone before me, I often chose the wrong path or opted to return the same way, that had in the first place got me to the cross road. As I restart this journey with you today, I want you to carefully re-evaluate your life and decisions by asking yourself a few personal questions. What have I done in the last few years of my life?, What got me to this point of really desiring to start over?, What area of my life requires starting over? Is it my relationships (with my creator, myself, my significant other, my child or children, my parents, my sibling or siblings, my superior or junior in the workplace, my customer, my supplier, my neighbor or landlord/caretaker, my church or pastor). Is it my health (weight, drug and substance abuse), Is it finances (debt, poor investments decisions or no investments, retirement approaching, family needs), Is it loss (through death, divorce, job loss, separation or leaving your comfort zone) or Is it the big zero that follows the next decade of my life as I turn a year older. Whatever it may be, there is no need to fear…Follow me on this journey as I take you through different topics and ideas through my own experience and those of others, as we all yearn and desire to start over and live the best life now…. Let me know through the comment section, any areas of starting over that you would like me to cover… Blessings!