When medical facilities are safer than supermarkets…..and a call makes all the difference!


A Medical Facility near you that truly cares for your safety at this time.

I am now totally convinced that with the measures that some medical centres have put into place during this pandemic, I may be safer inside a medical centre where all government and world health organisation guidelines such as social distancing, cleanliness, and close monitoring of staff for any Covid 19 symptoms are strictly adhered to at all times. I have even seen extra measures being taken into consideration especially for sensitive patients who may not be comfortable to visit the medical centres at this time and they are able to call medics from the comfort of their homes and get the medical help and support as well as medicine delivery.

Having seen my friends take memorable photos wearing a mask, I also figured, what a better way to do the same as I appreciate one of the medical facilities that is carefully guarding the patients and staff safety at this time. I definitely felt safer in here (see photo) than I did in a supermarket a few minutes earlier.

My comparison between a supermarket and a medical centre came about as I was having a chat with the cab driver who drove me home earlier today.  I was so hungry yet I could not dare open the soft drink I had picked from the supermarket near my work place as I remembered the queer shopping habits many shoppers including myself have of picking an item, reading through the name for the hundredth time and checking the ingredients like I just turned scientist overnight despite having bought the same item many times before.

Despite having all the back seat to myself, I was carefully holding my laptop bag so that I could have less parts to sanitise when I got home. My amazing signature urban phunk ankara bags  are safely stored but I am eagerly waiting for one of their leather totes or backpacks that will be easy to sanitise at this time (I hope you hear this Alvin). So as you can tell, I had to deal with hunger and fear of my bag getting Corona germs.

Back to my story partner for this trip, there was a lot of human traffic around the area and I could not help but notice that many people in the area were still not adhering to the basic government and World Health Organisation guidelines on Covid 19 prevention and that sets our conversation for the rest of my journey home. The mask has become something to cover the chin, not the nose and mouth and everywhere you look, a huge percentage of the wearers are clearly doing outrageous things with these poor masks.

When the government announced the curfew measures as a way to prevent the spread of Corona Virus, I had to beat the time every evening as I had a parent admitted in one of the major hospitals and I never felt safe any day I went there apart from the time I was around my loved ones’ bed (and I guess that was just false hope to make sure my loved one felt safe). Many beds within the hospital were empty and so was the casualty department. The security guards and nurses could recognise my sister and I from a mile away. I remember we would walk to the main hospital gate, queue along other patients/visitors on the hand washing line, press on the soap dispenser that every one else had pressed and open the water tap that those ahead of us had touched and then dry the water in most cases with our jeans, something that many supermarkets and communal places are still doing to-date. We did not feel safe enough and like everyone else those first weeks after the first case was announced in Kenya, we would carefully remove the sanitiser bottle that was easiest to reach and add that extra cover of protection.

Remember my soft drink bought earlier, I had gone through a similar hand washing queue that I noticed a few shoppers skip the soap and inside the premise, shoppers kept bumping onto each other as they picked items to read the labels and return them waiting for other customers to buy them. I am not innocent too as I bumped onto a few people whose minds seemed to be focused on aisles so far away and also picked an item that was too expensive and returned it for a cheaper one.

Back to my cabby story. With everyone on the road seeming to rush home to beat the curfew hours, we were now stuck in traffic and I decided to start a hygiene crusade to digress from the mask story as well as forget my hunger as I salivated on my Fanta orange soft drink (the colour is too enticing when hungry). I decided to share my story about how I had visited a Penda Medical Centre, a group of medical facilities that’s literally everywhere in Nairobi. I am sure you have seen one near you. The facility I had visited was near Kangemi and a lady in a blue blouse branded Penda Health had introduced herself and welcomed me to the medical centre as she advised me the need to wash my hands and dispensed some nice smelling liquid soap onto my hands while opening the water tap for me. There is no way I could have said no to that. She had then pointed to a pack of serviettes for me to use to dry my hands and requested to take my temperature while asking some basic questions such as if I had a cough or exposure to a Covid 19 patient just to mention a few. By this time, I had assumed that it was one of those days that a medical centre was not busy and so there’s a resource trying to keep busy, but I was wrong because it suddenly hit me that the uniformed security guard I had met before getting to the screening point had also said a very warm hello. What impressed me the most was that this same lady who screened me had quickly picked a clipboard whilst asking me the questions and I realised that she had done that with other patients that had come in before me and that alone had made me feel safe inside the facility. First, because I realised many people had visited the medical centre ahead of me and that Penda cared enough to ensure I was safe inside their medical centre. It was clearly, healthcare I could trust.

My trip came to an end before I could complete my hygiene crusade and the cabby who had engaged in every sentence of my crusade commented that the world needed more doctors like me. Apparently, midway though my crusade, he had mentioned that there was a Penda Medical Centre near his home as well but had never thought of going there though he always admired the pink clean paint at their entry way.

Well, as you all know, I am not a doctor but thanks to my 2 amazing bible study partners, Dr Matilda and Dr Damaris, I get to enjoy the title when someone has to address the 3 of us together. Maybe!, just maybe, I could just take up the title of Dr. Customer Care because that is what I do best and my customer can be anyone that needs the right information delivered well, just like you just got to know where to seek help, if you are afraid of visiting medical centres and hospitals at this time and need some medicine delivered to your doorstep.

As we always sign off, If you need guidance and support to sail through this season with courage and come out stronger and better, talk to me!..if I can’t help, I will connect you to someone who can and above all, we will stand in faith and prayer together as we trust the God who is in-charge.

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My Journey As A Writer


My daily stories of the Hope that only Jesus Christ can give.

Jeremiah 29:11 is a daily reminder for me that, “God knows the plans He has for me, plans to prosper me and not to harm me, plans to give me a future and a hope”. If I knew this as a young child, writing would not have featured in any items I considered as my future. Instead, those were the days I saw tiny airplanes pass way up over the village clouds and think it was magical, not realising I would try my hands in flying by joining a flying school to train as a pilot only to change my mind midway through Private Pilot License classes and venture elsewhere.

I remember as a young girl writing on the ground or on small chalk plaques (mini noticeboards) as that was what was offered in the nursery school I attended back in my village in Kathageri, a beautiful small town bordering Embu and Tharaka Nithi counties in Kenya. My nursery school teacher is probably one among the few whose name I remember (Ms Rūkū) despite being over 35 years ago as she made an impact before I quit nursery school (to enjoy spending my days with My grandmother, Jedidah Thaara (RIP) only to rejoin a year or so later. I need to write about that in another blog but that marked my beginning of writing. That plaque must have been something similar to the tablet that Moses got on Mt. Sinai with the 10 commandments. Not many people can understand that unless you attended one of those schools like Kathari primary School in Kathageri.

As I grew up, and got the opportunity to travel the world and meet great people, writing became an everyday hobby. I was on the lookout for the most fancy stickers, notebooks and pens, something I have maintained to date. I remember when I had to leave one amazing job around 2014 and my immediate boss, Ms. June Muli gave me some erasable pens (which I still buy and use to date), a notebook and a great fridge magnet and told me that she discovered that I loved writing and she could not think of a better farewell gift. Those are the same words my family will tell you about my growing up. My high school sweetheart discovered that and was on the lookout for cards that had the most memorable messages too and included a similarly beautiful note (I hope my dad does not read this as he has some bad vibe for that guy who may actually end up reading this as well. Hello Pastor Sam!)

Back to my title, this past few weeks have been life changing for my writing journey as my coach Joanne Kabiru revived this and connected me to an amazing platform of women that builds each other called “Salt and Light”. Through that networking forum, I met a writer named Tabitha Kihara of Maple Brook Writers, who has been writing for the last 9 years. When Tabitha announced in the group that she would be holding a 30 day online writing challenge for aspiring writers, I immediately reached out as I was not going to miss out on the great opportunity with a professional writer, thanks also to some positive nudge from my coach Joanne.

What I did not know after the introduction email was that a minimum of 500 words was required on a daily basis on a topic Tabitha would provide. I must have read the email more than twice as she had amazing tips on how to get started.

Today is my first day of doing this and I have many questions of what I want to accomplish in the next 30 days. Writing for me has been therapeutic and I have beautiful journals to match that, including my 2019 Christmas gift from my dear friend Catherine Wangari Muiru who discovered my passion for cute notebooks and writing and always ensured my nails were beautifully made to match the writing, that Christmas notebook is now my 2020 prayer journal.


My nails (thanks to Wangari) make me want to remove my notebook and pen or laptop every time i have an opportunity to write something down…one of my little pleasures as a writer

Since the Covid 19 pandemic started, I have asked for Gods’ guidance on how to take every day at a time and re-looking at my vision board and my goals for this year, I keep looking at this period as a blessing in disguise, not as one to slow down achieving those goals. I would never in a million years thought that one day, I would use the thoughts, ideas and people God generously sends my way to bring hope and joy to those I know and meet simply through writing in a blog or sharing inspirational quotes on my Facebook page. My prayer is that God shall use the words I pen (or type) down as a source of hope to those who get to read my blog and that with the help from Jesus Christ and the support from Tabitha, I can be that Christian writer that can transform lives globally all for Gods glory through my writing. These next 30 days mark the foundations of that journey as I get professional support from Tabitha whose motto “Fruitful and victorious in every season” is my desired outcome as I allow God to use my writing to change the masses for His glory in every season.


Journey from my days in nursery school, to assisting in compiling a Children’s’ magazine as an intern at the United Nations (UNEP), to my current notebooks and pens and finally taking advantage to write everywhere including hotel lobbies


The UNEP Children’s’ Magazine that I am blessed to have my name on…

If you need guidance and support to sail through this season with courage and come out stronger and better, talk to me!..if I can’t help, I will connect you to someone who can and above all, we will stand in faith and prayer together as we trust the God who is in-charge.

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