Reworking My Vision Board

For the last couple of years, I have diligently had a vision board. Shortly after I read Rhonda Byrne’s book “The Secret”, my world almost came to a standstill as I figured out that the law of attraction was all about the faith I possessed. As a good student, year after year I faithfully created my vision board and hung it up or put it where I could easily see it. Being someone that loves notebooks, I found myself in many circumstances sticking the vision board on the first page of my notebooks.

For my reader today who may not have come across that term, a vision board is a visual representation of your dreams and vision. What you want or where you see yourself a few years down the line. By having a visual image that describes what you hope to have, somehow, you are able to attract that to yourself. As a Christian, I call it faith as it is believing in the unseen. 

My first few years of creating my vision boards were really exciting and they got even better as I did my annual reviews and checked off some of the items  I achieved along the way.  I thought and knew I was the best in vision board creation and had even involved my children in the process, but all that came crashing down as I was reviewing my July goals with my coach. 

I had been given an assignment to rework my vision board and put it up but for some reason, I had not got around to getting the rightful images and put the vision board up. Being a good student, I had written them down and was happily reading them to my coach during the session when she suddenly asked me to stop. “Are those goals or is that your vision? You are reading for me things you plan to achieve by your birthday which is in 2 months”. She was so right. These were just goals. She went on to tell me how my vision should even scare me and that’s when it hit me, I had done my vision board wrong all along.

After my session, I listed all the things I needed to do that had come up during that one 90 minute online session and I knew that by the end of the day, I would have done majority of them. I was wrong. It took me a whole day to rewrite my vision, get images that related to that vision that would at least make it easier for me to visualize. For instance, I have always imagined taking a holiday and visualizing that in a serene environment by the mountains meant me taking an image of that and having it up on my vision board. 

As I printed the last page, I remember looking through the images and just texting my coach and telling her that my heart was palpitating so fast as I looked at the images and wondered how I was going to accomplish that. Well, I guess that’s what the vision is all about. 

I do not know what vision you have for your life or for your children or life partner, whatever it is, put it down on paper. The schools – kindergarten to  universities  you would like your children to attend. Dream the impossible and make that your vision. I think the people who have understood visions best are business owners, seeing a statement such as “ a brand you can trust across Africa” and that time you are operating a small office in your garage with just two neighbours as your customers. With a clear vision, no matter how small you may feel that business is, nothing can stand in your way to achieve that, because somehow, God uses that faith to align people, circumstances and events to meet that vision. 

My challenge to you today is if you have never written your vision down, start today. If there’s a coaching session that has changed my mindset most, it was this one. Seeing that I have known my coach for the last 20 years, I trust God that we will both look back many years from today and remember where it all started. 

As we always sign off, If you need guidance and support to sail through this season with courage and come out stronger and better, talk to me!. If I can’t help, I will connect you to someone who can and above all, we will stand in faith and prayer together as we trust the God who is in-charge.

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