A Reason To Be Grateful…

I stood and gazed helplessly, and all I heard and saw around 2020 was chaos.. I however had to make a choice, a bold choice that only made sense to me… I chose to trust the I AM..

Love rescued me when nothing else made sense, when all I thought I ever knew was tested and crushed, when love meant different things at every stage, and the new me knew I had to make a change… I chose to trust the I AM..

Going through a season as a caregiver, when those I expected to help chose to stay away.. and those I expected to check on me more kept failing me… but the I AM kept adding angels on my list…I chose and still choose to believe and know, that a miracle is on the way.. why?.. I chose to trust the I AM..

Losing Shox and Isa to death in a week, and realizing that the I AM had seasons and times for us all… and that my time on earth is limited, to live and love those who He has entrusted in my care.. I realized I had a choice to make.. I chose to trust the I AM..

When Coaching, Zindua and BSF were replaced with heaviness.. and a soul so weary to even remember why any of that even mattered.. I AM still invited me for chats…I remember leaning closer and always hearing that still small voice … and I remembered a choice had to be made… I chose to trust the I AM..

As 2020 doors close and 2021 doors open… I will be at my rooftop watching the fireworks over the Nairobi skyline…with nothing but gratitude over the year that was…I will cling even closer to the old rugged cross… because that’s the choice I made and I have no regrets… I chose to trust the I AM

I AM has been faithful, gracious and loving… I am glad I chose to be with HIM … and unless He leads me to you in the new year, I will intentionally stay away and keep my lane… I am so glad I now know Him more, my children know Him more and together with my generation… We shall remain forever trusting in Him… The I AM…