What do I do in this season?

Have you ever gone through a series of happy events, sad events, loss, work changes, finance, relationship breakups, betrayal … (you name it)so frequently that you almost feel like someone has been sent to mess you up or to bless you?. I mean the events can be both positive or negative but always leave us with a taste of bitterness, pain or joy. 

Have you ever gone through a series of sad events, loss, work or income loss or changes, financial challenges, relationship challenges or breakups, betrayal, just to name a few and they all seem to just follow each other so closely you almost start questioning your existence and looking back at what you may have done wrong? There are season s these things happen so frequently that you almost feel like someone has been sent to mess you up or destroy your life. I mean the events can be both positive or negative but we often remember and notice the negative ones and they always leave us with a taste of bitterness, pain or revenge. Lets call these seasons today and talk a little bit about it.

I have been blessed to live in a couple of countries around the world and unlike my beautiful home country Kenya which just has sunny, rainy or cold days, I have experienced some crazy winters in Canada, monsoon rains in India and crazy desert heat in UAE (Dubai) which I count as some of the key weather extremes I have endured. I know you may have experienced worse depending on where you are in this world. 

Looking back at the four known seasons which I actually call the four beautiful seasons (spring, summer, fall and winter)..I realize that our lives often take similar patterns. Some seasons are long and hard while others are short and fun and we just want to stay out and enjoy the better seasons more everyday, unfortunately…life has sweet, sour and bitter moments and we will often have a taste of all or one at any given time.

2021 has been a season I can’t equate with any of the beautiful four seasons and I have questioned whether we are still in the fourth month of the year or the twentieth month (having lost my Mother, My Grandfather and My Pastor/Friend). I have questioned many things and many people, but I have also taken away so many lessons and been blessed with amazing souls who have stood with me and my family in this season. That’s the beauty with seasons, even when we don’t understand and they hit us harder than we expected, if we stay grounded on the rock (Christ), we don’t sink, because He sends a helping hand, a soothing voice or an inspiring word to keep us afloat. 

I don’t know what season you are going through and what you have gone through in the last few months or weeks or days, but I can assure you, when you look up, every face you see around has a story and is going through a season, sometimes ever tougher than your own. 

I remember shopping for clothes to wear for Moms Memorial Service in February and we met two ladies in a shop also looking for black clothes. As one of the ladies was trying on a dress, we commented that the dress looked good on her, she looked up with a smile only to see her eyes so red and she said she was shopping for a family member to wear at a funeral. That was a big wake up call, in a mall full of strangers, there were people in a season like ours. I started looking at people differently as we walked around. It dawned on me then that, If I see someone walking alone mumbling to themselves, before I create a meme, just say a prayer for them..they could be having a tough day and be in a tough season and my silent prayer could keep them afloat.

Why did I choose to talk about seasons today, because we are living in a world where we only think of ourselves, we forget that we need others, we forget that today it’s you in this hole and tomorrow it’s me. We feel lost and alone especially when in a tough season yet we all need that little glimmer of hope or encouragement to know that the season shall pass. 

Look around you, there are people who are sleeping hungry, there are others whose jobs are hanging on the line, some are in mourning, others in sickness with no hope. Whatever season you are going through, be sensitive to others too and remain anchored on the rock (Jesus Christ), because this season too, shall pass. 

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