A Place None Has Ever Been To Before….

A new year symbolises growth. As I listened to the sermon this Sunday Morning where Rev Gibson Anduvate reminded us to trust God for the process that’s ahead as we are walking a path we have not walked before, I was reminded of how many things we take for granted.

We send new year wishes to those we love and care about or those we wish to be “affiliated” with in the new year, yet we don’t take a minute before bed to thank God for taking care of us at the end of each day and commit the night and the following day to Him.

We prepare and enjoy our meals or reach out for a glass or bottle of water but are too thirsty or hungry to take a minute to give thanks for having that provision. Every new activity and every new day is part of our growth, because every second we are alive is a path we have not been on before. Can you take a minute and just appreciate this moment?

I am challenged this day to appreciate every second that I am alive, every second that I have my loved ones around me, knowing that we have not walked this path with them before, and that we can make every moment count trusting God for the next step, just like a car driving along a dark lonely path in the night, with just the headlights showing a few meters ahead, but with the hope that the destination is ahead. For each of us reading this today, may that hope be accompanied by gratitude, always taking a minute or more to say Thank You Jesus, Thank You Lord. .

As I wrap up today, I choose to embrace the growth in the unknown.. be it the next second or minute or day or the 364 days ahead of me this year, knowing very well I have not been down this route before, but God has.

God bless you.

2 thoughts on “A Place None Has Ever Been To Before….

  1. Wow, this is deep murugi, may God continue to expand you on all sides, as we venture into unknown, o’lets trust the one who knows our tomorrow, blessings dear.

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