Gratitude For Your Unmatched Socks..

Being one person that was used to re-purposing or throwing out any unpaired socks, I learnt through the years that even unmatched socks around the house got the job done and few cared if the socks even matched.

If you have children of your own or get to interact with those of your loved ones, one thing you will quickly pick is that often times, one or both of their feet will be sock-less (is there even such a word?) after a short while. Worst still, if you have delegated an unbothered person to run your laundry and matching socks is not part of their priority, be ready for more unmatched pairs.

Well, this is not about socks but it’s rather the little things that make all the difference in our lives that we seldom forget.

January is one of those interesting months especially for those whose financial management skills are a work in progress. My fellow countrymen/women love the holidays, and the employers know that and pay them their December salary from around mid-December with no fear that anyone will quit after payday. After all, January is the month many start making resolutions so job changes start around February depending on whether that was one of your new year resolutions.

Before I digress, In January, we get to see all sorts of memes and jokes around finances that depict that all the money was used in December. Well, my socks quote comes into play here. In the midst of all the memes and regrets of overspending in December, we forget to appreciate the power of our unmatched socks, those little things we still have to keep life moving, to keep us warm.

Do you have a roof over your head, a tap that has running water at least once a week, shoes on your feet and some warm clothes on your body?. That is enough!

Why? Your little is someone else’s luxury.

So, even as January drags by to day 60, look up and appreciate what you may call the unmatched socks in your life, and as you do so, start a little savings kitty that you can contribute to every month or week to enjoy your 2022 December peacefully and have a better January 2023.

God bless you.

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