Life Lessons..

We all learn lessons in different ways. To read and write, we either had our parents or guardians, older siblings or teachers and caregivers show us the best way they knew or they were taught. Depending on where you spent your early childhood, your learning was dependent on who taught you and what their worldview were. A conversation I recently had with a loved digressed to how things that make us discriminate others are purely as a result of the environment we grew up in and sadly these can be as basic as religion. Think of it this way, if you were born and raised as a Christian, Islam, Buddhist or any other world religion, that to you may seem as the only right and perfect religion. What if the tables were turned and you were born and raised in a different religion, wouldn’t what you attest to now be “the forbidden” religion?. Something worth thinking about.

Too much on childhood lessons. Let’s talk about adulthood lessons. We carry burdens and go through hardship and despair in our homes, employment, businesses, social spaces and even the streets and parks which ideally should be safe spaces for all. You walk a step and see someone spit or another one robbed and your worldview starts changing. Worst of all, is the betrayal by those you love and trust be it in your family line or your friends. You know those days you use all the curse words in your native language as you try to figure out why a friend would lie to you or run off when you needed help? or a spouse or partner lies or goes against the commitment you made to each other?. Well, I have had it said that “adulting” is tough, but I beg to differ, I just think that nothing is a waste of time if you learnt something and used that experience for today and tomorrow, after all, every lesson has its good and bad.

God Bless You.

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