Someone Is Watching Your Every Move..

I reached out to a good old friend who shares my love for learning to let her know about a health group I thought was worth joining, her first response was hilarious, she wrote it in swahili, “aki wewe, si uko kwa group mingi, sawa add me” (You! You are in so many groups, okay add me). Adult learning requires a lot of patience as you must be selective in whats worth your time, whether you are using your loved ones as the source of information or news channels, subject experts, social media sites, books and magazines or even google. The best teachers however go unappreciated and unannounced in public.

I am reminded of a day recently that my family and I decided to spend some time at a park near our home. A few metres from us was a very energetic and cheerful lady dealing with a hyper toddler. Being a parent myself, I suspected the child must have been around two years old. Those little bundles of joy called terrible twos are part of the wonders of this world. The lady must have been around my age, and just watching her made me question what I would do if the roles were changed and I had to do what she was doing. One minute the child was attempting to jump from the highest possible place which was a park bench by a hilly terrain, the next minute he was trying to ride on the back of their dog and my mind wondered what this child would be doing at home, probably attempting to switch on the gas nobs or remove hot coal from the barbecue grill by hand. Anyone dealing with a child this age is indeed a miracle worker as all your senses work overtime. I was taking mental notes on the lessons that I picked in those few minutes they were close by.

Patience and love were two lessons I learnt by just observing a total stranger who is expected by the society to nurture this child and ensure they become great citizens that can pay taxes to their governments. Imagine watching a parent communicate with a child who can barely speak a whole sentence yet they fully understand what the child is saying and respond accordingly. Allow me to digress, Mothers should never pay taxes.

This is not just about these amazing mothers and nannies, it’s about the things we do when we think no one is watching because we are so engrossed in it or it’s become a habit, whether it’s a good or a bad habit. No matter what you do, let your character be one that someone can learn from, why? Because a lot of people are learning from you in private, but will never let it be known in public just like that lady never knew I was watching and learning.

God bless you!

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