My Land Is Kenya..

My friend and colleague decided during a training session yesterday that having us in two groups and coming up with amongst other things a patriotic song was a good idea. Being an election year can be a bit scary in a country that has been marred with political violence in the past. I however hope and pray that past lessons will make us behave as a nation, considering that unlike Kenya that is so welcoming to her neighbours, if war broke out today, I doubt any of our neighbours would welcome us as we so gladly do. 

I guess that patriotism lingered on, as on my way home, I was drawn to the beauty of the the newly built roads and some renovation that’s happening at a park near our home. Interestingly enough, I woke up humming Roger Whittakers song, My land in Kenya. The chorus has words that I closely identify with. 

You only got one mama
You only got one pa
You only got one life to live
No matter who you are
You can go the whole world over
Every city has its dawn
But everybody liveth has one place where he was bornAnd mine is Kenya, so warm and wild and free
You’ll always stay with me here in my heart
My land is Kenya, right from your highlands to the sea
You’ll always stay with me here in my heart, here in my heart.

I also found myself in deep gratitude of the composer(s) of our national anthem which is a prayer, and I wondered how often do we as citizens of this land take time to pray and be grateful for our nation. Yes, we do have problems, but there is lots more to be grateful for. Our peace in atleast most of the areas, our weather is great compared to many nations that suffer natural calamities and so many other things that we all know and appreciate.  As I did my Bible study this morning, I was drawn to Genesis 18 where God wanted to destroy Sodom and Abraham was asking God if he found  a few righteous people if he would spare the nation. The negotiate went down from 50 to 45 to 40 to 30 to 20 and eventually to 10. And God was so merciful that if He found only 10 righteous, He would spare the land. When it comes to righteous, no one should deceive you that by their own power they can do it, but God can help us. 

Our differences may be many but as the campaign period starts garnering momentum in the next few weeks, my prayer is that every Kenyan would just pray the words of the National Anthem. If we did that daily, maybe God will spare our land… these words are;

O God of all creation,
Bless this our land and nation.
Justice be our shield and defender,
May we dwell in unity,
Peace and liberty, Plenty be found within our boarders.

God bless you.

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