A New Start.

It’s been nine months since my last article here and I guess nine months can only be equated to a period of expectancy (pregnancy) with the hope that something new and beautiful will be born. Let’s hope and pray that this will be what the future holds for Murugiblogs as I pen my first words after a nine months break here.

Being the first day of the month, I have so much to be grateful for especially for the month that has been, and the hope of what lies ahead. Every time I get those monthly messages that wish one a happy new month, unlike the past when I would brush past them, for some reason, I now seem to connect with them better and even be more receptive to understand them as I keenly read and internalise the mostly warm and meaningful words therein. I have found most of those messages and words getting me to a point of reflecting on the month that was and the opportunity to start a fresh in the new month. Those messages have often triggered in me an opportunity to re-write my dreams, slow down and appreciate the blessings of being surrounded by people I love in my family and in my inner circle of friends, appreciate the opportunities to be part of different communities around church, school, women groups, boards of management, leadership and even my own support systems.

Today, being the first of the month (November 2022) was special in many ways. Apart from waking up alive and to some rain after a long dry season, I found myself reflecting on the opportunities of new beginnings God has given me in the last few weeks. This was occasioned by a short sermon preached at CITAM Valley Road Tuesday Prayer Service that my friend Roselyne and I were privileged to be part of. It was the story of Esther, Mordecai and Haman as shared in Esther 8:2-8 after Queen Esther was given the estate of Haman by King Xerxes and the Jews got an opportunity for a new start. That sermon was crowned by my coming home to find my son playing some of my favourite Elevation worship song that made the house just feel calm and so serene. I found myself immediately visualising on what a blessing it is for one to leave home everyday and return back safely and how often we take that for granted. Amidst the chaos, the stress, the struggles and the hardships that may be present in our day to day life out in the world, one thing remains constant, we are alive today because our purpose here on earth is not done yet, every new day is therefore an opportunity for a new start, a new beginning.

The days may be tough and uncertain due to changes in your life, your health, your family situation, your business, your employment, your marriage, your relationships, your children, I mean, there is just too much that life sometimes throws at just one person and the burdens may seem so heavy to carry. My encouragement through it all is that as we start this month, get a pen and paper (literally) and re-write those dreams and goals, those that seem so impossible to reach or achieve, those that seem beyond your reach, because, sooner than later, as long as it is within your vision (mindset), it will be within your reach, because, that fresh start can begin today! and it must begin in your mind.

God Bless You!


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