Keep Stoking Your Fire…

I thought I would write about forgiveness today but I guess that is a tough one to actualise on a Saturday afternoon when I would rather be outdoors or taking a nap. Well, the weather has been changing lately and for some reason, when it rains in Kenya, the weather somehow turns cold, so let me warm up this place y talking about fire…but a different kind of fire.

I have always appreciated houses with fireplaces especially in extremely cold places and every time I think of a fire, it’s either an outdoor fire-pit roasting marshmallows with kids and loved ones, a house with a real fireplace or one of those crazy places my friends K and A took me a few weeks ago and we left there smelling of smoke after some amazing pre-election debates. Well! if you get to read this, let’s revisit soon with that whole squad and have a post-election analysis.

Back to our fire for the day. We all have something inside us that gives us that upper edge, brightens up our faces as we do it or even dream about doing it. I really cannot explain what a personal fire is in one blog but I want you to take a few minutes, close your eyes and just imagine what that one thing is that you wish you had done and have never done because someone said you could not do it, or you are not so good at it or even your own limiting dreams kept or keep holding you back. You wanted a certain career, dreamt of starting a certain business or dating someone from a particular tribe or race but those close to you thought or even said otherwise. Well! if you want it soo bad and it’s legal and moral, nothing should stop you.

An athlete going for a race never plans who to beat in the race. They are in most cases competing with their own personal record or time. In 2019, the world watched as Eliud Kipchoge took on the INEOS 1:59 challenge to proof that no human was limited by running a marathon in under two hours. I remember reading Eliud’s diary in the INEOS159 challenge website around that season and one thing that stood out was that the fire in him to proof to the world that no human was limited was clearly unstoppable.

We all go through the seasons where we have a big dream or big desire to achieve a goal but often get discouraged because of our own mental doubts that speak louder than our faith telling us that we cannot make it and even worse, the voices of those we allow around us that pour water on our fires. Whether it is our personal limitations or the discouragement from those around us, one thing we must be intentional about is to be ready and willing to burn those bridges that limit our growth to the next level and instead, get to work and stoke those fires by taking the first step towards living our best lives today.

God Bless You!


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