Trusting God in the Unexpected

In today’s world, it can be hard to stay positive and trust God with all the challenges that come our way. It may seem easier to worry or struggle against whatever we feel trapped by instead of trusting in a higher power. But even when times are tough, finding joy and having faith in God is always possible! Let’s take some time now for an encouraging look at how trusting God looks like – one joyful step at a time.

Trusting in the Lord requires us to believe two crucial things: first, that He knows what is best; secondly, that everything will turn out alright if we just keep moving forward together with Him. In reality this means leaving all our worries behind while still striving towards improvement in our lives.

This includes releasing fear-based thinking patterns, taking action when guided, and through prayerful discernment, because there’s nothing else God wants more than us living fully alive right here and right now! On earth as in heaven.

Sometimes making appearances during difficult moments only serve an additional reminder that His love forever overcomes human suffering regardless of its form or size. We should therefore let every single challenging episode not defeat us but rather beautify us beyond recognition no matter whether we are crushed internally or externally.

Let us in those moments avoid walking down another path potentially considered being off route as long-term results may require more time and efforts to redeem you. Instead let us seek to journey honouring God and He shall direct our paths in the uncertainty of life

My message today: Trusting God means believing that His plan is perfect and He won’t ever fail us. We shouldn’t allow difficulty to shake up our firm foundation built upon Jesus Christ, let us allow him to provide guidance genuinely filled with immense and unconditional love.


Majina Yote Mazuri Ni Yako…(All Good Names Belong to You)..

When you are overwhelmed by the Love of God and need to shout at the roof top with lyrics of a song.. May we remember the names of God in whatever situation we are going through in our lives.

As I went through the comments section, I realised the anointing in this song not only blesses me but others who have heard it.