Who Is In Your Inner Circle?

We are called to love everyone but we must also be careful not to crash as we pursue to love and be loved. Discern toxicity and narcism and know how to guard your heart. As a christian, I am called to live a life that is pleasing to God and to continuously grow in my faith. One key aspect of our spiritual journey is the support system we choose to surround ourselves with. Our environment and the people we associate with can have a profound impact on our spiritual growth. Therefore, it is crucial to intentionally purpose to be around the right support system that will not only encourage and strengthen us but also help us grow in our faith, rather than taking away from it.

Choose Christ-Centered Relationships: Proverbs 13:20 says, “Walk with the wise and become wise, for a companion of fools suffers harm.” It is important to choose relationships that are centered on Christ and promote godly values. Surrounding yourself with fellow believers who are passionate about their faith, and who encourage and challenge you to grow spiritually, can have a tremendous positive impact on your walk with God. Does that mean you cannot associate with non-christians, No!…you must have deep roots that are not easily influenced or shaken..be the influencer, not the influenced, have a stand, so that your morals and behaviours are hard to be shaken.

Seek Mentors and Role Models: Proverbs 27:17 reminds us that “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” Look for mentors and role models who can guide and mentor you in your faith journey. These can be individuals who have a mature faith and exemplify godly characteristics that you aspire to develop. Their wisdom and guidance can help you navigate challenges and provide valuable insights as you seek to grow in your relationship with God. I have for instance been intentional to learn about prayer this year, I took an 8 week prayer course at my church and like you manifest things you often think about, a friend recently introduced me to a weekday early morning prayer group where ladies meet online to command their morning, I have many testimonies to share on that from just a week of waking up at 4:00am.

Engage in Christian Community: Being part of a Christian community, such as a local church, small group, or Bible study, can provide you with a supportive environment where you can grow in your faith. Surrounding yourself with like-minded believers who are committed to following Christ can create an atmosphere of accountability, encouragement, and mutual support. It provides opportunities for worship, prayer, Bible study, and fellowship, which can help you grow in your understanding of God’s Word and your relationship with Him.

Prioritise Healthy Boundaries: It is important to set healthy boundaries in your relationships to ensure that they are contributing positively to your spiritual growth. Avoid relationships that consistently pull you away from God or hinder your progress in your walk of faith. Be intentional about spending time with those who encourage and support your spiritual journey, rather than those who drain you emotionally or spiritually.

Be a Supportive Friend: Being intentional about choosing the right support system also means being a supportive friend to others. As you seek to grow spiritually, be willing to extend grace, love, and encouragement to others, and be willing to invest in their spiritual growth as well. When we bless others, we are often blessed in return, and our own faith is strengthened.

Intentionally choosing the right support system is crucial for our spiritual growth as Christians. It involves surrounding ourselves with Christ-centered relationships, seeking mentors and role models, engaging in Christian community, setting healthy boundaries, and being supportive friends. By purposefully selecting a support system that aligns with our faith values, we can create an environment that fosters spiritual growth and helps us become more like Christ. Let us be intentional in our choices and strive to be part of a supportive community that nurtures our faith and helps us grow in our relationship with God. God Bless You!


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