Weight loss Challenge Day 1.

Mhhhhmm…I got nothing to type…not sure also if this is a good idea to have this out here but I hope it encourages one of my faithful readers on a similar journey. I am truly grateful for a great start as I had every reason to postpone to tomorrow as I have always done.

I pray that God guides me throughout this journey, grant me courage, wisdom and bravery to keep pushing as well as to make good choices. I know there’s some wedding and birthdays along the way but you know what, I am not starving, I am just making healthier choices, so I am so ready to enjoy those as well.

I will try my level best to keep the accountability moving and hopefully as I make this big leap on my health, other areas of my life will change too…and I will also try to be more detailed in my actions for the day…

I now boldly allow God to take full control. Amen.


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