Weight Loss Challenge Day 2..

Day 2 of this amazing journey, pushing hard and still excited about what lies ahead. I took a much needed walk to most of the places today and I was challenged at some point when I told a friend that I would be taking a cab back home. I had done about 3,600 steps by then and the friend challenged me to take advantage and walk as the weather was good…really cool with potential for rain later. I saved myself some money by walking home. I was not in the most comfortable of shoes but with less than 1.5km to my home, I took on the challenge and I am grateful I did.

I remember sharing with some of the ladies in my accountability groups that using some you tube walking challenge is great especially if you have no outdoor spaces but that was really me consoling myself as sometimes I am so lazy going outdoors seeing that my work can be comfortably be done from home. I am also really grateful to God as I have numerous safe walking spaces around my home but thats not motivating enough in this season so I will try and push harder as time goes by.

One of the challenges I experienced today was to hit my 16:8 IF goal. I had an early physical meeting at 7:00am and breakfast was served. I tried so much to avoid looking at the plates around the table but eventually gave in..These are the big and small lessons we learn along the way and as much as I know I could have held on, I am grateful that I still pushed for the 14 hours.

I had no energy for workout this evening but decided to do some 100 arm circles just to get some movement.

I look forward to tomorrow and I hope you get encouraged as we keep pushing…2 days down..88 to go..


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