Weight Loss Challenge Day 3..

I promised my self to show up daily…and here I am…Even in the smallest of ways, I still showed up.

I was determined to walk outdoors and the rain did not do me any justice, I walked anyway..took a longer route home just to get in the steps balancing my never used before umbrella.

If you are on this journey with me, push hard, no matter what!. I have had valid excuses since day 1 why “I should wait to perfect things and do more tomorrow” but well, I am only guaranteed of today so here I am!. Drinking water on a cold day, and I mean plain water not coffee as I do not account for all the beverages I take aside from pure clean water is a huge task, but I drank anyway!.

Well, have a lovely night and let me go account to my writers group (yes! I am in that too), that I only wrote 165 words today. God Bless You!


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