Weight Loss Challenge Day 4..

I am reminded of the scriptures in the Bible where Jesus asks His disciples, ‘How much longer shall I put up with you’? (Matthew 17:17). This verse is part of a story where Jesus heals a demon-possessed boy. The verse itself is a rebuke from Jesus to His disciples for their lack of faith in being able to perform the healing themselves. That’s the question I am asking my body and mind at this moment. I have 24 hrs in a day and as much as I am excited about showing up daily, I may end up hitting my goal during the next country election if this is my speed and rate..well..end of self -rant. I got what it takes and I will make this journey a success, so help me God! Any lawyers reading this, we may need to discuss this.

I will take a break for the night now that its almost midnight and I had a long day attending an amazing function as my friends bride price was being negotiated, so let me sleep and look forward to tomorrow.

God Bless You!


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