Weight Loss Challenge Day 5..

I like Sundays, easy and so much to look forward to and especially just taking time to sit back and rest. I had alot to look back to today and as someone who thinks well on paper, I took time to review how the last one month has been. At the beginning of this year, I made a decision to get into some type of tracking, whether it was tracking what I do or what i spend and generally key things that especially contribute to my mental well being. I have faithfully done that and every Sunday, I take some time and review my progress for the week and rate how well I have performed and what I can do to make it better.

I took time today not only to rate my weekly performance but also my Q2-2023 especially around key numbers of what I have been tracking for the last 6 weeks (Mid March to-date). These areas include my weight, blood pressure, weekly average sleep hours, weekly average phone screen time and weekly average steps (Movement). The numbers were a mix of joy and disappointment as it never really hits home until you see how much some of these numbers impact your life, whether negatively or positively. My weight, sleep hours and screen time were quite disappointing but what i am grateful for is that the awareness has made me be more keen and intentional towards the steps I take.

As I wrap up the month of April, My faith is that God shall continue walking this journey with me, grant me a long life, teach me to stand string mentally and physically, shield me from any weapon that the devil throws at me and my loved ones, shields me from discouragers and naysayers and give me a heart that is willing an obedient to follow and obey His will.

May the new month of May 2023 bring with it favour, blessings, open doors and a covering that only God can give. In Jesus name I pray…Amen…God bless you!


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