Gratitude For Your Unmatched Socks..

Being one person that was used to re-purposing or throwing out any unpaired socks, I learnt through the years that even unmatched socks around the house got the job done and few cared if the socks even matched.

If you have children of your own or get to interact with those of your loved ones, one thing you will quickly pick is that often times, one or both of their feet will be sock-less (is there even such a word?) after a short while. Worst still, if you have delegated an unbothered person to run your laundry and matching socks is not part of their priority, be ready for more unmatched pairs.

Well, this is not about socks but it’s rather the little things that make all the difference in our lives that we seldom forget.

January is one of those interesting months especially for those whose financial management skills are a work in progress. My fellow countrymen/women love the holidays, and the employers know that and pay them their December salary from around mid-December with no fear that anyone will quit after payday. After all, January is the month many start making resolutions so job changes start around February depending on whether that was one of your new year resolutions.

Before I digress, In January, we get to see all sorts of memes and jokes around finances that depict that all the money was used in December. Well, my socks quote comes into play here. In the midst of all the memes and regrets of overspending in December, we forget to appreciate the power of our unmatched socks, those little things we still have to keep life moving, to keep us warm.

Do you have a roof over your head, a tap that has running water at least once a week, shoes on your feet and some warm clothes on your body?. That is enough!

Why? Your little is someone else’s luxury.

So, even as January drags by to day 60, look up and appreciate what you may call the unmatched socks in your life, and as you do so, start a little savings kitty that you can contribute to every month or week to enjoy your 2022 December peacefully and have a better January 2023.

God bless you.

A Place None Has Ever Been To Before….

A new year symbolises growth. As I listened to the sermon this Sunday Morning where Rev Gibson Anduvate reminded us to trust God for the process that’s ahead as we are walking a path we have not walked before, I was reminded of how many things we take for granted.

We send new year wishes to those we love and care about or those we wish to be “affiliated” with in the new year, yet we don’t take a minute before bed to thank God for taking care of us at the end of each day and commit the night and the following day to Him.

We prepare and enjoy our meals or reach out for a glass or bottle of water but are too thirsty or hungry to take a minute to give thanks for having that provision. Every new activity and every new day is part of our growth, because every second we are alive is a path we have not been on before. Can you take a minute and just appreciate this moment?

I am challenged this day to appreciate every second that I am alive, every second that I have my loved ones around me, knowing that we have not walked this path with them before, and that we can make every moment count trusting God for the next step, just like a car driving along a dark lonely path in the night, with just the headlights showing a few meters ahead, but with the hope that the destination is ahead. For each of us reading this today, may that hope be accompanied by gratitude, always taking a minute or more to say Thank You Jesus, Thank You Lord. .

As I wrap up today, I choose to embrace the growth in the unknown.. be it the next second or minute or day or the 364 days ahead of me this year, knowing very well I have not been down this route before, but God has.

God bless you.

A Better 2022.

A New Year comes with all sorts of plans and ideas. We have been conditioned to dream big and write down our dreams and our goals at the start of every year.

Do I do this myself? Of course I do. I am a big believer in the Habakkuk 2:2 scripture in the Bible that talks about writing my vision down. Every last day of the year, I sit down with a pen and paper and write down my goals and dreams for the New year. Over the years, I have seen items I wrote down many years ago come to pass. I have also looked at items that I outgrew over the years and are no longer interested in, some of those interests either completely fade away or some sort of come back over the years, it all depends on the seasons of my life. The reality is that having a visual of what you aspire to have is a great start towards your dreams. On the days that I feel more inspired, I look for images to match those goals and put them up on a vision board that is set up in a strategic place in my house.

Well, as I set up my 2022 goals, my biggest lesson from last year is that I can plan all I want but only Gods plans over my life will prevail. That sets my pace for this year with the knowledge that what God has planned for me will not pass by.

Have a blessed 2022.

It is Not A building He Wants To Fill. It is Your Heart.

There is often a vacuum that encamps around you every once in a while that no one can fill. You try everything that can calm that storm in your life and nothing seems to work. Today was one of those days when I felt so overcome by grief about loved ones I have lost this year specifically My Mom and Her Dad, My Grandpa. It’s almost seven months now but I have not had such raw emotions as I did today. It’s an overwhelming feeling that tears flow freely and nothing or no words can make it easier. I am grateful for my daughter who for some reason is able to pick some of these moments so fast and as we lay in bed together listening to some music and sharing some good memories through photos, we somehow went through that phase together. The mystery of Birth and Death is one of those things that makes us realise that there truly has to be a greater power that is beyond what we see everyday. No king or human has control over those two. Children are born before or after due date and doctors cant explain, others are still born while others never make it past a few weeks in the womb. On the other hand, death is just unexplainable. It’s a mysterious thief that carries with it our dreams and plans by taking those we love leaving us in denial. I carry thousands of photos and in some with the most amazing people in my family and my circle of friends that I have lost in death.

Why then have such a title for my blog today then start off on death? Well, its that one mystery that makes me want to know where I will end up when my time on earth is done.

Listening to the lyrics of the song come again by Elevation Worship & Maverick City, these words really stood out, “It’s not a building You wanna fill, It’s my heart, This empty space Is what You wanted all along“. It’s amazing that what God expects of us is not always what we give despite knowing the truth and claiming to be His. If you grew up in an environment like mine, Every Sunday you have to make a decision on when and where to go to church and at this time in human history, whether to worship from home or in a church. Living for God has become a ritual not a personal walk. We know the truth but chose the other way. We know what to say in truth and love, but instead chose revenge and competition.

My prayer this Sunday is that we may not so much fill the buildings around us, whether it our churches, mosques, offices, schools, homes or offices with a false sense of security and love but instead fill our hearts with love and compassion for each other that God alone can give. I saw a friend post on their WhatsApp status that we come to the world with nothing and leave with nothing, yet we are so busy in the period in between fighting for things we will not need where we are going or take with us. If that’s not enough reason enough to realise that all we have to give God is our hearts, then nothing else will. We may build bigger churches with beautiful altars or homes with prayer closets, but He needs more, He needs your heart.

God bless you

When All Is Said And Done..

Going through social media today and seeing what a friend who was what I would call a church addict had posted was a great eye opener. She mentioned how she had not been in a church building since the Covid 19 pandemic and how she was not planning to go back soon but on the good side, how she had relearnt so much as well as developed a deeper relationship with God.

Her words sank so deep as they spoke so much of my current situation. I live within walking distance to over 12 national headquarters of churches in my country and other religious buildings that includes a Scientology church and a Freemasons hall. If it was about attending a Friday, Saturday or Sunday religious gathering, my options are immense, but one of the things that I have learnt in this season is to trust in God more and seek Him for myself and my family first, and not be ashamed to witness what I learn. The buildings around are there for a purpose and I hope that those serving there as religious leaders irrespective of their beliefs can be good examples in words and deeds. Most of these buildings have become more commercial than places of healing and recovery from the harsh realities of life. Members that give of their time and resources have to pay to enjoy noble services such as weddings and funerals and this is just a small item of what I have experienced so far.

Having been born into a Christian family but surrounded by other religious followers such as believers in Hinduism, Islam and Buddhism, I learnt not to undermine or discredit other beliefs but instead, through the love of Christ and witnessing about Jesus Christ, share my own beliefs. It’s so unfortunate that in some churches today, the message is on how special one group is considered to another, and we forget the most crucial lessons even around this season that the world can be shut down and all doors that thought man had power over become shut, we are left to just look up and say, “ There surely must be a God up there” and maybe this is the season that was set aside to make us slow down, stop the rush and just acknowledge that we needed to walk with Him.

This is the season I have read the Bible for myself, intentionally sought out worship music and sermons that spoke to my spirit about the creator and reconnected on a personal level on who God is and why I need to seek and serve Him more. One thing I can surely say is that, My God liveth and that My family and I shall serve this living God. May we learn to draw closer to Him even as the world changes. May we learn to lean closer and trust Him more even as we question the daily realities of life and above all, May we seek a personal encounter with Him, that will move us from where we are to where He wants us to be. Being away from the church building is not unique today. Paul and the disciples met in houses to pray and fast, we have more reason to do that now more than ever. Let’s start in our Jerusalem (our homes) and let us how we live as families be a testimony to our neighbours and the world as a whole, In Jesus name. Amen

Relax and Reset in 2021..

I never stop for a minute to think about how blessed Kenya is as a nation. We have great weather, great food and great people. Nothing passes Kenyans without a meme or trending in all the right places. We have a way of flourishing even in the toughest of situations, a way of finding the bright side in every situation. If we are not getting entertained or trained by Terence creative in search of a soft life, we are looking out for the latest memes as opposed to checking out the news for what’s really happening. It’s actually interesting how memes dictate what’s really happening in Kenya. 

This past week saw me stop for a few hours  and just enjoy a cool breeze just replaying what a blessing it is to live in Kenya and most of all to be alive at such a time as this. So many beautiful places to visit and such amazing weather throughout the year.  The environment around me was not only serene but also the skies were clear. Staying a few meters away from the creek meant that I also had a clear view of either a yatch or a boat sailing by and all I thought of was just making this the perfect time to rewire my mind and life.  Being the week that I turned a year older, I was grateful that amidst all the chaos that may be happening around the world, I had the blessing and opportunity to enjoy nature in such tranquillity that I felt my mind and body reset, knowing that God is not done with me yet, and He has put me in such a place for such a  time as this.

There’s just something about being in your 40s that’s different. I will now choose to stop often, relax and reset. Never afraid of new beginnings and some of the experiences at this location may just form part of my reset activities. 

A New Melody..

Music and songs have a way of hitting the deepest part of my life. I have recently been listening to many songs by Elevation Worship, Maverick City Worship and many in their worship genre and there seems to be a song for every season and every hill and valley in my life from these groups. But these words from the Old Church Basement took me back through a journey in my life when I was taught about God to when I knew God for myself.

I grew up in a family where love and protection was in plenty. Mami (Mom) as we call her always woke up on time to get my siblings and I ready for church every Sunday and ensure we went to church. Sunday was her day of rest and priority was to ensure we made it to church and got those right foundations. Even as teenagers and young adults where she at one point led the women ministry (Mothers Union) in our church, she made it a point to ensure we attended church every Sunday and encouraged me to participate in youth activities in church. I am grateful because those foundations guarded me from a lot of mess that many of my age-mates got into. I started working shortly after high school and one thing that my colleagues did not understand was why I could not join them for some alcohol or partying after work yet I had some money and no major responsibilities since I lived at my parents home. What they did not understand was that despite having the freedom to do so, I had grown up in an environment and surrounded by people that never considered alcohol as a source of entertainment. Our entertainment was music, family time and church on Sunday. That is what I remember. No wonder Music has always taken me to the point of being vulnerable as I connect with so much of my growing up especially the sweet memories with Mami. My daughter has picked the same love for music including some worship songs in dialects that she has no idea about.

Before I digress, a few years later following those beautiful memories, I remember meeting God for myself and breaking down with some worship song playing in the background while kneeling at the altar at Northshore Christian church in Vancouver. That was way back in 2002 as the late Pastor Ross led me through the sinners prayer. Knowing that I was giving my life to Christ not out of fear of an exam like many of us had done in high school but out of a surrender that music had made me realise the fragility of life and the need to surrender to a mighty God. And a repeat of the same in August 2019 as my friend Julianna from Ellel Ministries prayed with me on phone.

One thing I know for sure is that, despite life’s ups and downs, the everyday temptations and the imperfections I bear as a human being, I am loved by God more that I can imagine and that is enough. The song Jireh by maverick speaks of this so candidly. I pray that in this season, through my own life and testimony, I may be that epitome of what a hearer and doer of Gods word is all about. I am tired of the business as usual code and the excuses that a little sin here and there knowingly is okay. I know the journey is easier with God and its in that knowledge that I sing a new melody…

Let me end with an extract from the song Jireh..

I’m already loved (I’m already loved)
I’m already chosen (I’m already chosen)
I know who I am (I know who I am)
I know what You’ve spoken (I know what You’ve spoken)
I’m already loved (I’m already loved)
More than I could imagine (more than I could imagine)
That is enough (that is enough)
It’s enough for me, oh

If He dresses the lilies with beauty and splendor
How much more will He clothe you?
How much more will He clothe you?
If He watched over every sparrow
How much more does He love you?
How much more does He love you?

May God help us all discover the new melody as the times are different and it’s about time you discover God for yourself with no fear or shame. And when you dont know how to go about it, please know God will work it out.

God bless you.

Take Me Back …

Courtesy of Lyricfind, I got the lyrics of this beautiful song by Andraè Crouch called Take me back. I will share the Lyrics at the end of my rant today but truth is that it took me to such a deep place of surrender. You see, we are confronted by so many challenges everyday that everywhere you look and almost everything you hear has a sadness to it. We are like living zombies.

There is no where to hide from the realities of life, we are either experiencing harsh realities or watching someone we know experience it. The news are tough, the gadgets we hold are no longer a reason for excitement to get some good news, but instead are sources of even more sad news, breaking news, sad trending topics and messages that are bound to make us feel lost.

One thing I can assure you that I have tested and seen is that there is a God in heaven who hears and answers our prayers, no matter how far we may feel from Him. Many are now standing in pulpits or carrying Bibles in their pockets but the reality is that their hearts are far away from the creator and we no longer can trust even what they say. It’s about that time that we re-evaluated our own lives, let’s stop benchmarking our faith with those we know or hear about, but let’s choose our own walk of faith today, a personal walk that you know that even though God shut the world today, you are safe in His arms.

I admit that I am not perfect, my life is a work in progress, but today I choose to sing this song by Andraè…

Take me back, take me back dear Lord
To the place where I first received you
Take me back, take me back dear Lord where I First believed..
I feel that I’m so far from you Lord
But still I hear you calling me
Those simple things that I once knew,
Their memories keep drawing me
I must confess, Lord I’ve been blessed
But yet my soul’s not satisfied
Renew my faith, restore my joy
And dry my weeping eyes..
Take me back, take me back dear Lord
To the place where I first received you
Take me back, take me back dear Lord where I First believed
I tried so hard
To make it all alone
I need your help
Just to make it home
Take me back, take me back dear Lord
To the place where I first received you
Take me back, take me back dear Lord where I First believed

God has the answers we don’t, and I hope we can open our eyes and realize that all the pretence we have before human beings is all visible in Gods sight. Let’s declare our stand today, and remain grounded in our faith, whatever your faith is, just don’t sit on the fence, declare your stand and stay grounded. Man or woman has got nothing on you, unless they can provide free natural oxygen for your daily living like God does.

God Bless You.

Love ..An Investment That Yields Daily Rewards..

When my son challenged me to speak about something I learn everyday, I thought well…Everyday is an opportunity for us to learn something new, to be a better person both to our creator, ourselves and to those around us. It’s the only reason we live. When Jesus was asked the greatest commandment, His response was towards that same direction, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your mind and with all your soul and love your Neighbour as yourself”.

Love is easier said than done but yet the greatest lesson to learn everyday. I am blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people in my life, I wake up with gladness daily knowing that love woke me up, the fact that God chose me to live another day, another hour, to still have all my senses working and working well, I do not take that love for granted. I see His love in my heart beating every single moment.

I again go back to the many miracles mentioned in the Bible, and what remains significant in most of them is that they were done as a result of love. Love made Jesus give thanks that multiplied the bread and the fish, He had compassion on the crowds, He healed and raised the dead all because He loved those who looked up to Him. What then is my role in this whole thing called love? Is it just to be said or there is more?

Indeed there is more, love must be the lesson, the language and the action I must choose to learn everyday. It’s not always easy, but imagine the impact when your children know you love them and you also tell them, or when those you hold so dear know that you love them in both your words and actions. Nothing exceeds love, and we must purpose to love and be intentional about it.

It’s the small acts of love that count. Be the greatest version of yourself by choosing love today! You will be more gentle to yourself and to those you truly value. God bless you

Beautiful Kisii….I Call It The Promised Land..

Nothing prepares you for the beauty you see in a place where even the tiny little grass that’s often forgotten as we walk on the sidewalks is green all year round. At least not in a nation that announces that some of its people are dying of hunger or experiencing drought due to rainfall failure.

That beauty is all nestled in Kisii County, a beautiful town in the western part of Kenya

Every day at around 4:00pm, it’s like God opens a shower from the skies to water this beautiful land and shuts it right on time for people to get safely to their homes, ready to surprise them again the next day at the same time. I am always captivated by the beauty of this land and I sincerely hope that the locals also feel the same about it. A local told me that if the town does not rain in 2 days, the trending topic in the area is #norainforsolong.

This is the place that I refer to as the promised land. Growing up, the promised land was a place full of milk and honey and as much as I don’t know if there’s honey in Kisii, I have clearly seen many cows, all sorts of commercial crops such as coffee, tea and sugarcane and all the organically grown farm fresh vegetables and fruits not forgetting their famous bananas.

As I stopped by the roadside to capture a few photos of this beautiful land, I was reminded of how we have to sometimes go through tough seasons in the midst of all this beauty around us and what God would be trying to tell us during such time.

In my human nature, I felt like God was reminding me that He is still God in our midst and that just as He showers Kisii in its season, He shall pour a special rain on us in due season, He shall give us beauty for ashes and replace our mourning with joy, we just have to be patient enough for our 4.00pm tomorrow.

Blessed to have met my high school desk-mate Jackline, 23 years later in this beautiful land, and my prayer in this season, is that we shall be patient enough for our 4:00pm tomorrow, together!

God Bless You!