A Great Challenge..

The first time I heard this song by Phil Wickam was as my daughter sang along. There is a dance vibe around it that makes you put it on replay. But the words never meant so much to me till i visited a town in the North Eastern part of Kenya where visiting the house of worship several times a day is part of their daily lives. A call to prayer is made and everyone yields or stops where they are and what they are doing to pray. 

Growing up, I was socialised to know that the church was the house of God,  where we gathered to praise and worship Him as a congregation. I was however reminded that I could call on Him at any time as He lived and still lives in each of our hearts, the same thing I have taught my children. When Covid 19 hit and churches were closed, we had to find new ways of congregational worship, some that have been very instrumental in my journey with online fellowship going on many months later and personal Bible study becoming an every day joy.. 

Thinking about this song today made me long to heed to this call. It’s sad that we have turned some of our houses of prayer to market places, with many becoming takers instead of givers. This is a topic for another day, because this is a judgement call that only God can take. For now, let me drop the lyrics for this amazing song here, hope it speaks to you today. 

We worship the God who was
We worship the God who is
We worship the God who evermore will be
He opened the prison doors
He parted the raging sea
My God, He holds the victory…… There’s joy in the house of the Lord
There’s joy in the house of the Lord today
And we won’t be quiet
We shout out Your praise, There’s joy in the house of the Lord
Our God is surely in this place
And we won’t be quiet
We shout out Your praise
(Oh-oh, oh) we shout out Your praise
(Oh-oh, oh)….We sing to the God who heals
We sing to the God who saves
We sing to the God who always makes a way
‘Cause He hung up on that cross
Then He rose up from that grave
My God’s still rolling stones away, There’s joy in the house of the Lord
There’s joy in the house of the Lord today
And we won’t be quiet
We shout out Your praise, There’s joy in the house of the Lord
Our God is surely in this place
And we won’t be quiet
We shout out Your praise, We were the beggars
Now we’re royalty
We were the prisoners
Now we’re running free
We are forgiven, accepted
Redeemed by His grace
Let the house of the Lord sing praise ‘Cause we were the beggars
Now we’re royalty
We were the prisoners
Now we’re running free
We are forgiven, accepted
Redeemed by His grace
Let the house of the Lord sing praise, There’s joy in the house of the Lord (there is joy in the house)
There’s joy in the house of the Lord today
And we won’t be quiet (oh yeah)
We shout out Your praise (I wanna shout out Your praise)There’s joy in the house of the Lord (there is joy)
Our God is surely in this place (there is joy)
And we won’t be quiet
We shout out Your praise (we gonna shout out Your praise)There’s joy in the house of the Lord
There’s joy in the house of the Lord today
And we won’t be quiet
We shout out Your praise (we gonna shout out Your praise)There’s joy in the house of the Lord (there is joy, there is joy)
Our God is surely in this place (joy in this place)
And we won’t be quiet (we won’t be quiet)
We shout out Your praise, We shout out Your praise
There is joy in the house, there is joy in the house today
We shout out Your praise
We shout out Your praise

Source: Musixmatch

God bless You! 

Trust Me And I Will Show You..

I would want to boldly say that God has a good sense of humour, but no! When He does things, He is just being who He is, God. One of the greatest gifts God gives human beings, second after life, is a vision. Thankfully most peoples reaction to these God given visions are private matters and conversations with God that are best left to the two.

I read a post today that said, “Man says, show me and I will trust you, while God says trust me and I will show you”. I know I have found myself in that conversation with God several times and you can guess who is often right, even though that realisation sometimes comes many years later. You know God is not man or woman to force issues, He places a vision in your heart, and it can be as simple as leave this land and I will show you the land to which you shall go.

Imagine Abram (who later became Abraham) in Genesis 12:1 -2 being told by The LORD, “Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you, I will make you into a great nation, and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing.” and unlike me who would have started that conversation with God, Genesis 12:4 tells us that Abram left. Who at the age of 75 years just gets up and leaves without a clear picture of where they are going? Well, if you know the one holding your breath, you don’t have those conversations I am talking about, you simply get up and leave. The rest sorts itself down the road. 

Why am I sharing this story, because in 2022, many of us are sitting on visions that date as back as 2, 5, 10, 20 or even 30 years ago. You are still waiting for God to show you so that you can trust Him instead of trusting Him to show you just like He did for Abraham. You have a choice this year. I pray that the choice will be to trust and make that move, whatever the move is. 

God bless you!

Our Steps Are Ordered..

Family or friends decide to take a certain route or make a certain decision but your heart is not in it and you bail out. Then sadly, something unexpected happens (hopefully nothing deadly) and the first thing you think is that, “my gut was right I should not have joined them”, or “my 6th sense was right”. Well, whatever name we give it, one thing you need to know is that maybe if you joined them, things would have been worse or more fatal so you didn’t save the day, someone greater than you did. 

That 6th sense or gut feeling for me is always the voice of God.

We get so many near misses in our lives and forget that someone was directing our path and showing us the direction we should follow. The Bible in Psalms 37: 23 – 26 has some very bold words, I quote from the NIV, “The LORD makes firm the steps of the one who delights in Him; though he may stumble, he will not fall, for the LORD upholds him with His hand. I was young and now I am old, yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken or their children begging bread. They are always generous and lend freely; their children will be a blessing”. 

This is the catch, righteous is not the outward show we see on peoples faces after lining up to take holy communion or the Lords supper. In our own strength and ability, we cannot be righteous, only God can do it by His grace. It therefore takes each of us to go boldly to God as our Father and admit that by ourselves, it is hard, and allow Him to hold our hand and walk the journey, leading us every step of the way.

Why? Because that surrender and submission is the only way we can stand right with God, and can boldly with no fear or guilt of shame and sin, go to Him and seek Him, to order our steps, every second of every minute. 

God Bless You. 

My Land Is Kenya..

My friend and colleague decided during a training session yesterday that having us in two groups and coming up with amongst other things a patriotic song was a good idea. Being an election year can be a bit scary in a country that has been marred with political violence in the past. I however hope and pray that past lessons will make us behave as a nation, considering that unlike Kenya that is so welcoming to her neighbours, if war broke out today, I doubt any of our neighbours would welcome us as we so gladly do. 

I guess that patriotism lingered on, as on my way home, I was drawn to the beauty of the the newly built roads and some renovation that’s happening at a park near our home. Interestingly enough, I woke up humming Roger Whittakers song, My land in Kenya. The chorus has words that I closely identify with. 

You only got one mama
You only got one pa
You only got one life to live
No matter who you are
You can go the whole world over
Every city has its dawn
But everybody liveth has one place where he was bornAnd mine is Kenya, so warm and wild and free
You’ll always stay with me here in my heart
My land is Kenya, right from your highlands to the sea
You’ll always stay with me here in my heart, here in my heart.

I also found myself in deep gratitude of the composer(s) of our national anthem which is a prayer, and I wondered how often do we as citizens of this land take time to pray and be grateful for our nation. Yes, we do have problems, but there is lots more to be grateful for. Our peace in atleast most of the areas, our weather is great compared to many nations that suffer natural calamities and so many other things that we all know and appreciate.  As I did my Bible study this morning, I was drawn to Genesis 18 where God wanted to destroy Sodom and Abraham was asking God if he found  a few righteous people if he would spare the nation. The negotiate went down from 50 to 45 to 40 to 30 to 20 and eventually to 10. And God was so merciful that if He found only 10 righteous, He would spare the land. When it comes to righteous, no one should deceive you that by their own power they can do it, but God can help us. 

Our differences may be many but as the campaign period starts garnering momentum in the next few weeks, my prayer is that every Kenyan would just pray the words of the National Anthem. If we did that daily, maybe God will spare our land… these words are;

O God of all creation,
Bless this our land and nation.
Justice be our shield and defender,
May we dwell in unity,
Peace and liberty, Plenty be found within our boarders.

God bless you.

Someone Is Watching Your Every Move..

I reached out to a good old friend who shares my love for learning to let her know about a health group I thought was worth joining, her first response was hilarious, she wrote it in swahili, “aki wewe, si uko kwa group mingi, sawa add me” (You! You are in so many groups, okay add me). Adult learning requires a lot of patience as you must be selective in whats worth your time, whether you are using your loved ones as the source of information or news channels, subject experts, social media sites, books and magazines or even google. The best teachers however go unappreciated and unannounced in public.

I am reminded of a day recently that my family and I decided to spend some time at a park near our home. A few metres from us was a very energetic and cheerful lady dealing with a hyper toddler. Being a parent myself, I suspected the child must have been around two years old. Those little bundles of joy called terrible twos are part of the wonders of this world. The lady must have been around my age, and just watching her made me question what I would do if the roles were changed and I had to do what she was doing. One minute the child was attempting to jump from the highest possible place which was a park bench by a hilly terrain, the next minute he was trying to ride on the back of their dog and my mind wondered what this child would be doing at home, probably attempting to switch on the gas nobs or remove hot coal from the barbecue grill by hand. Anyone dealing with a child this age is indeed a miracle worker as all your senses work overtime. I was taking mental notes on the lessons that I picked in those few minutes they were close by.

Patience and love were two lessons I learnt by just observing a total stranger who is expected by the society to nurture this child and ensure they become great citizens that can pay taxes to their governments. Imagine watching a parent communicate with a child who can barely speak a whole sentence yet they fully understand what the child is saying and respond accordingly. Allow me to digress, Mothers should never pay taxes.

This is not just about these amazing mothers and nannies, it’s about the things we do when we think no one is watching because we are so engrossed in it or it’s become a habit, whether it’s a good or a bad habit. No matter what you do, let your character be one that someone can learn from, why? Because a lot of people are learning from you in private, but will never let it be known in public just like that lady never knew I was watching and learning.

God bless you!

Life Lessons..

We all learn lessons in different ways. To read and write, we either had our parents or guardians, older siblings or teachers and caregivers show us the best way they knew or they were taught. Depending on where you spent your early childhood, your learning was dependent on who taught you and what their worldview were. A conversation I recently had with a loved digressed to how things that make us discriminate others are purely as a result of the environment we grew up in and sadly these can be as basic as religion. Think of it this way, if you were born and raised as a Christian, Islam, Buddhist or any other world religion, that to you may seem as the only right and perfect religion. What if the tables were turned and you were born and raised in a different religion, wouldn’t what you attest to now be “the forbidden” religion?. Something worth thinking about.

Too much on childhood lessons. Let’s talk about adulthood lessons. We carry burdens and go through hardship and despair in our homes, employment, businesses, social spaces and even the streets and parks which ideally should be safe spaces for all. You walk a step and see someone spit or another one robbed and your worldview starts changing. Worst of all, is the betrayal by those you love and trust be it in your family line or your friends. You know those days you use all the curse words in your native language as you try to figure out why a friend would lie to you or run off when you needed help? or a spouse or partner lies or goes against the commitment you made to each other?. Well, I have had it said that “adulting” is tough, but I beg to differ, I just think that nothing is a waste of time if you learnt something and used that experience for today and tomorrow, after all, every lesson has its good and bad.

God Bless You.

Nurturing Your Seeds.

I got a light bulb moment after reading my bible in Gen 1:29 earlier this week that says, “Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food. As the world revolves to what only a few know and understand, we are being led to enjoy and prefer seedless fruits. We walk in to the grocery stores and local food markets and purchase seedless grapes and oranges and forget that the minute the seed is out, life stops. Well, there must be a reason the bible specifically added the word “seed” in that verse and many more after that.

A seed is not just that of a fruit, everything we hold, speak or think about is a seed, and we can choose to grow that seed or let it die. Whether that seed is a thought, a bad habit, little or much income, a business idea or an actual business, the choice on what happens next entirely remains our own.

I chose to water my good seeds today and slowly deprive my bad seeds of any nutrients that I gave them as I focus on making this year one that I can fully depend on God to nurture and guide me in taking care of all my seeds that include my life, my health, my family, our children, my work, my business, my relationships, my faith and above all my day.

God bless you!.   

Gratitude For Your Unmatched Socks..

Being one person that was used to re-purposing or throwing out any unpaired socks, I learnt through the years that even unmatched socks around the house got the job done and few cared if the socks even matched.

If you have children of your own or get to interact with those of your loved ones, one thing you will quickly pick is that often times, one or both of their feet will be sock-less (is there even such a word?) after a short while. Worst still, if you have delegated an unbothered person to run your laundry and matching socks is not part of their priority, be ready for more unmatched pairs.

Well, this is not about socks but it’s rather the little things that make all the difference in our lives that we seldom forget.

January is one of those interesting months especially for those whose financial management skills are a work in progress. My fellow countrymen/women love the holidays, and the employers know that and pay them their December salary from around mid-December with no fear that anyone will quit after payday. After all, January is the month many start making resolutions so job changes start around February depending on whether that was one of your new year resolutions.

Before I digress, In January, we get to see all sorts of memes and jokes around finances that depict that all the money was used in December. Well, my socks quote comes into play here. In the midst of all the memes and regrets of overspending in December, we forget to appreciate the power of our unmatched socks, those little things we still have to keep life moving, to keep us warm.

Do you have a roof over your head, a tap that has running water at least once a week, shoes on your feet and some warm clothes on your body?. That is enough!

Why? Your little is someone else’s luxury.

So, even as January drags by to day 60, look up and appreciate what you may call the unmatched socks in your life, and as you do so, start a little savings kitty that you can contribute to every month or week to enjoy your 2022 December peacefully and have a better January 2023.

God bless you.

A Place None Has Ever Been To Before….

A new year symbolises growth. As I listened to the sermon this Sunday Morning where Rev Gibson Anduvate reminded us to trust God for the process that’s ahead as we are walking a path we have not walked before, I was reminded of how many things we take for granted.

We send new year wishes to those we love and care about or those we wish to be “affiliated” with in the new year, yet we don’t take a minute before bed to thank God for taking care of us at the end of each day and commit the night and the following day to Him.

We prepare and enjoy our meals or reach out for a glass or bottle of water but are too thirsty or hungry to take a minute to give thanks for having that provision. Every new activity and every new day is part of our growth, because every second we are alive is a path we have not been on before. Can you take a minute and just appreciate this moment?

I am challenged this day to appreciate every second that I am alive, every second that I have my loved ones around me, knowing that we have not walked this path with them before, and that we can make every moment count trusting God for the next step, just like a car driving along a dark lonely path in the night, with just the headlights showing a few meters ahead, but with the hope that the destination is ahead. For each of us reading this today, may that hope be accompanied by gratitude, always taking a minute or more to say Thank You Jesus, Thank You Lord. .

As I wrap up today, I choose to embrace the growth in the unknown.. be it the next second or minute or day or the 364 days ahead of me this year, knowing very well I have not been down this route before, but God has.

God bless you.

A Better 2022.

A New Year comes with all sorts of plans and ideas. We have been conditioned to dream big and write down our dreams and our goals at the start of every year.

Do I do this myself? Of course I do. I am a big believer in the Habakkuk 2:2 scripture in the Bible that talks about writing my vision down. Every last day of the year, I sit down with a pen and paper and write down my goals and dreams for the New year. Over the years, I have seen items I wrote down many years ago come to pass. I have also looked at items that I outgrew over the years and are no longer interested in, some of those interests either completely fade away or some sort of come back over the years, it all depends on the seasons of my life. The reality is that having a visual of what you aspire to have is a great start towards your dreams. On the days that I feel more inspired, I look for images to match those goals and put them up on a vision board that is set up in a strategic place in my house.

Well, as I set up my 2022 goals, my biggest lesson from last year is that I can plan all I want but only Gods plans over my life will prevail. That sets my pace for this year with the knowledge that what God has planned for me will not pass by.

Have a blessed 2022.